Ranking the 5 goalkeepers with the most save records in the 2022 World Cup

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Ranking the 5 goalkeepers with the most save records in the 2022 World Cup

5. Vanya Milinkovic-Savic – 16 times

25-year-old goalkeeper of the Serbian national team at Torino. A famous team from Calcio Serie A, sent to the contest. Even if they only stop at the group stage. But the performance of the person’s save is one of the five By defending up to 16 times from 3 games played on the field

4. Hugo Lloris – 17 times

The runner-up goalkeeper with France this year. Has a record of 17 saves throughout the tournament. Although their defensive game is considered extraordinary. But from playing up to 6 games, there is an opportunity to show more skills than others as well.

3. Andres Noppert – 18 times

Another goalkeeper from the club Heerenveen. Who successfully announced his birth in the 2022 World Cup, although he was unable to lead the Orange Knights to the dream land, but his personal performance is considered excellent, saving 18 times out of 5. Games

2. Wojciech Szczesny – 21 times

Although Poland has stop at the last 16 this year. It must said that the performance of the 32-year-old Juventus goalkeeper is excellent, making important saves, helping the team many times over the four games he has played. stadium

1. Dominic Livakovic – 24 times

Become a well-scored goalkeeper for the 27-year-old goalkeepers from Dinamo Zagreb. Who led Croatia to third place. The performance of guarding the pole is considered extraordinary, with up to 24 defenses saved in this tournament.