Liverpool have winter, Eddie Howe admits he is interested in Enzo Fernandez

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Liverpool have winter, Eddie Howe admits he is interest in Enzo Fernandez as well.

Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe has admitted. He is also interest in Enzo Fernandez as the player top target for Newcastle United Liverpool.

The 21-year-old is considered a player. That the Reds have interest in since the start of the new season and from his excellent performance in the 2022 World Cup. The news of moving to Anfield is even more intense.

However, in addition to Liverpool, Eddie Howe’s Newcastle has also link with Fernandez. With the latest revealing a brief interview with boss about the player. kick this one

“I know about him (Fernandez) and I know him. But I think the value of his transfer is definitely extraordinary. Briefly told reporters while leading the team to practice

Howe also addressed the comments made by Newcastle legend Alan Shearer. Who said he would like to see the Argentinian in Tynezai’s white and black shirt. after watching the World Cup final last Sunday night by referring to this matter. With the latest brief interview with boss about the player.

“I haven’t heard of it, I’m sorry, Alan, I think I’m going to have to watch another channel, it’s my fault.”

“He’s a great player. He’s a great guy, he’s focused, professional and knows. What he has to do when he’s here. Everything came at the right time. I think he will stay here for a long time. Half a year is not enough.

The Argentinian, who recently joined Benfica on a five-year contract, has made his debut in Portuguese football, scoring three goals in seven appearances.