Cut the grades of Manchester City players – Manchester United, FA Cup games

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Cut the grades of Manchester City players – Manchester United, FA Cup games, sailboat games, celebrate the double championship 2-1: Player Ratings

Ilkay Gundogan’s two goals helped Manchester City to a seventh FA Cup title and were on their way to the treble. Report from ufabet

Manchester City player ratings (3-2-4-1)

GK: Stefan Ortega – 6/10

proved to be a perfect replacement for Ederson. Despite being questioned before the game that he might be a weak point for the team, Ortega had a save moment. Including passing the ball from the back for the team to build up without being awkward

CB: Kyle Walker – 7/10

devoured Sancho until he couldn’t play. Faced a bit more work when playing against Carnacho in the second half. but still confident every time when playing defensive games

CB: Ruben Dias – 7/10

There was a period of almost no testing before Man Utd slowly found opportunities to attack, but he coped well with Rashford. until there are almost no errors to be seen

CB: Manuel Akanji – 6/10

Nothing wrong with being ugly. But found outstandingness in the defensive game of Walker and Dias, which is important for Manchester United to allow Bruno to play on the right flank as well, causing not much of a stroke to pull in as a natural wing

DM: John Stones – 8/10

Excellent. Has been a defensive central role paired with Rodri and has moved into full-back, centre-back roles. When necessary as well It can be said that each position performs almost perfectly

DM: Rodri – 6/10

There were a few glitches late in the game and a bit silly late in the game. But before that, it performed its own duties according to the standard.

RM: Bernardo Silva – 5/10

Diligence is still a hallmark. Show impressive playing techniques. But still lacking discipline in the defensive game

AM: Kevin De Bruyne – 7/10

There were moments that were a bit late, but the Manchester United players were especially vigilant whenever De Bruyne touched the ball. Dangerous and always reliable

AM: Ilkay Gundogan – 9/10

Like the Joker in most games, his sharpness really defines this game. This kind of form does not know whether Man City will convince the German midfielder to sign a new contract or not. After news, both Barcelona and Arsenal are interested.

LM: Jack Grealish – 4/10

It’s a game where both wings are not outstanding, but for Grealish he also handballed him to a penalty. Even if it’s a suspicious moment Still, overall he didn’t make much impact.

CF: Erling Haaland – 6/10

Very few chances to score, probably because Manchester United have a good way to deal with it. But his movement off the ball is impressive and helpful. Even though the game didn’t score a goal.